[REVIEW] Sunday Riley Pink Drink Firming Resurfacing Essence

Now you know I’m a massive Sunday Riley girl. Their products just work. Simple as that. So imagine my surprise when I wasn’t all ‘love at first sight’ about Pink Drink Firming Resurfacing Essence. I just wasn’t blown away but I trusted the brand and gave it another bash. Well, I’m bloody glad I persevered because it’s such a support for my skin barrier. Headlines: your skin’s best friend. Silently supporting with no pomp and circumstance. Only drawback is the delivery pump.

The Good: Use this consistently and you’ll see a firmer brighter canvas. This is a godsend if you’ve over exfoliated/exposed your skin to the elements. Pat don’t spritz (more on this later) and this sinks in a dream. And the scent? Delicately..well…pink…seriously it smells pink. Maybe it’s the grapefruit…all round good-un for supporting the skin microbiome.

The Bad: The spray nozzle is not a delicate mist. More of a power hose in a car wash. So, spray on your hands and pat in or you’ll run out before you can say pro-ageing.

The Ugly Truth: Would I repurchase? Of course!