[REVIEW] Swanicoco Multi Care Elastic Boost Eyecream to Face

I actually really like the Swanicoco Multi Care Elastic Boost Eyecream to Face.⁣ Why is it called “eyecream to face”? Why not just eye cream? Well it comes in a huge 40mL tube so that’s probably why, I guess. I mean, most eye creams are only 15 to 30mL. But the opening of the tube dispenses nice little dots so I think it would be tedious to squeeze out enough for your whole face. Especially because it sinks in so quickly and smoothly.⁣

On that topic I can say that it layers well and never pills. It also doesn’t slide into my eyes and make them feel tired, nor sting. I think that should be the bare minimum but I’ve met some eye creams that can’t even stay put.⁣

The real reason we all use eye creams is for the results and this one does not disappoint. I’ve noticed a mild brightening and smoothing effect over time. I rarely wear makeup but when I do, the first place I struggle with is the under eye area. Except now I don’t? I feel like I don’t have anything I need to conceal under my eyes anymore.⁣

I’ve been using this particular eye cream since February 2nd; prior to it I used a different Swanicoco eye cream. Both have been discontinued and maybe reissued since the time I purchased them. Swanicoco seems to do this a lot so I’m not worried. I think the spiritual successor to the Elastic Boost Eyecream (to face) is the new Fermentation Peptine Eye Care Cream. I haven’t tried it so I can’t confirm my hunch.

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