REVIEW: Taja Skin Super Skin Jelly

The Taja Skin Super Skin Jelly is ultimate formula for dry and dull skin as it helps to retain moisture and gently exfoliate the skin. This means it is great for tackling skin concerns such as hypermigmentation, acne and blemishes whilst keeping the skin hydrated. It contains hyaluronic acid, retinol, glycolic acid, citric acid as well as Vitamin E to protect the skin barrier. Buff away dead skin cells as the mix of various ingredients form an anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing solution for the skin.

My Experience:
The super skin jelly is a unique product in it’s own way and is definitely a must try I would say. The main difference I noticed with this was whilst wearing it, any tiny pimples that would occasionally sprout through would shrink within a few hours. Marks from this did fade pretty fast and it really helped clear my skin for a smoother and cleaner look.

The ingredients alone are so amazing, which makes this the perfect formula for achieving good skin. There is no fragrance that I had noticed with this product and is one product I would highly recommend for my oily/acne prone skin people.