[REVIEW] Tatcha The Silk Peony Melting Eye Cream

I have officially finished my first eye cream and it is the 3ml Tatcha Silk Peony Melting Eye Cream.

TEXTURE: A cream that doesn’t scoop or allow you to “dip” your finger in. It’s very thick but not clumpy and still soft and easy to spread.

SCENT: A light herbal scent that’s a little bit like a fragrant green tea.

APPLICATION: You can press your finger into the top of the cream like you’re pressing down on a cushion and you’ll have the right amount of product for your eye. It glides across your skin which is great for the eye area.

FREQUENCY: I was using this AM and PM

PAO: 6 months

PACKAGING: The smallest cutest little jar with a basic screw top lid.

KEY INGREDIENTS: This has silk extract for hydration and peony extract to strength the skin barrier (hence the Silk Peony naming) as well as lots of fermented ingredients for that anti-aging and brightening effect. Of course they also have the classic Tatcha Trio (green tea, rice and algae) too.

SUMMARY: I’m still not sold that I need an eye cream honestly but this one does feel super luxurious and like a treat. I had a couple back and forth experiences with it though where when I applied it sometimes the area around my eye would BURN (wasn’t using a chemical exfoliant, no new products in my routine and no retinol use recently). It was really strange, inconsistent and just generally annoying. I don’t think it was the eye creams fault by any means and I likely had a skin barrier issue but the product did make for some tingles as opposed to a healing hug.

Thoughts on this eye cream? Would you give it a whirl?

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