[REVIEW] The Bath House Bamboo and Jasmine Soothing Hand Lotion

The Bath House Soothing Hand Lotion – Bamboo and Jasmine. Product gifted in exchange for a review.

Quality: 4/5
This hand lotion smells soooo good, the scent is delicate, not overpowering and didn’t cause any irritation. Its silky smooth and also contains shea butter and aloe vera which makes it nice and hydrating. It does take a little while to absorb, so I normally use it before bed.

Retail price: £18 for 300ml (£23 for 500ml refill pouch.)

Recyclability: 5/5
Although the pump isn’t recyclable, the Bath House have created an amazing recycling programme, so I’ve given them 5/5. You buy the aluminium bottle once and then refill using the pouches.
Once empty, you send the pouches back in a prepaid envelope to be recycled!

I love The Bath House and how they’re constantly trying to be more eco friendly. They’re also cruelty free and this hand lotion smells amazing! Also, how good does the hand wash and body lotion look together?! I would buy this myself although I’d probably try the black pepper and patchouli one as it sounds amazing!

What’s your favourite hand lotion?