[REVIEW] The Clean Beauty Club Wonder Balm The Fancy One

Product: The Clean Beauty Club Wonder Balm The Fancy One. Product gifted in exchange for a review.

Quality: 4/5
This works really well and even breaks down mascara and eyeliner! You get a little scoop and rub it all over your face. Then you get a hot cloth to wipe it off. (You definitely need the hot cloth as the balm has beeswax in it and won’t come off with just water.) And that’s it – your face is all clean! And it doesn’t sting your eyes! I’d still cleanse afterwards as I always double cleanse, but you can really see the difference!

It also smells really lovely. It contains Citrus Oils, Moringa Oil, Sunflower Oil, Pomegranate Seed Oil, Vitamin E and Beeswax. You can also use it as a face mask, hair treatment, for dry skin, burns and sore patches as it’s healing and nourishing. Love a multitasker!

Retail price: £32 for 50ml from The Clean Beauty Club.

Recyclability: 3/5
I think the pot is recyclable, but the bamboo lid isn’t. However, you can always repurpose it. They also sell the balm in an aluminium tin which is 100% recyclable – yay!

I love that this gets rid of makeup wipes and having to use endless cotton pads to cleanse with. It’s also great that it can be used for multiple purposes, is all natural and cruelty free!
I would buy this myself! Thank you The Clean Beauty Club for letting me try this lovely balm.

Isn’t the little spoon just everything?