[REVIEW] The Clean Beauty Club Wonder Serum

Product: The Clean Beauty Club Wonder Serums – Morning and Evening. Products gifted in exchange for a review.

Quality: 4/5
This serum is lighter than the evening one and contains the same citrus oils as the balm as well as
– high levels of Moringa Oil (known as the healing tree)
– pomegranate oil
– an active from plankton which reduces damage caused by stress
– an active from the South African plant Acmella Oleracea – also known as ‘nature’s botox’ – which works to relax frown lines and wrinkles.

This one is richer and contains the same Moringa, pomegranate and blend of citrus oils as well as squalane and Abyssinian oil to allow the serum to sink in.

Both serums are oil based, and so you actually apply them in the final stage of your routine as the oil acts as a barrier.
My skin absolutely drank up both of them! They sink in really well and hydrate my skin.
They also smell lovely because of the citrus oil blend just like the balm.

Retail price: £45 for 10ml of both or £100 for 50ml of both.
You can buy them separately, but it’s more expensive. They also do a bundle with the balm for £52 which is a great way to try the set.

Recyclability: 3/5
The cardboard box is recyclable. I assume the bottle is but the pipette isn’t.

I really like that all the ingredients are 100% natural and that The Clean Beauty Club are cruelty free – yay! I think the serums have helped my skin look fresher and less tired. However, I think the citrus oils are a bit triggering for my rosacea so I wouldn’t buy them, but if I had “normal” skin I would as they’re nice and hydrating.

Do you use a different serum for the morning and evening?