[REVIEW] The Inkey List Fulvic Acid Brightening Cleanser

I don’t like gel cleansers. There. I said it. In fact, I hate them. They feel soapy. They’re drying. They smell god awful. No. Just no. Well hello there The Inkey List. Has your Fulvic Acid Brightening Cleanser converted me? You’re bloody right it has.

This cleanser contains 1.5% Kakadu plum to give a super boost of Vitamin C, 0.5% Nordic Peat as a source of the gently exfoliating fulvic acid, and 1% liquorice root extract to tackle hyperpigmentation. All of this is balanced with 0.5% aloe vera to calm and soothe. Headlines: so gentle I can use it everyday without my face falling off. After 1 week my skin is brighter and calm.

The Good: For an exfoliating cleanser it is so so so gentle on my skin. It doesn’t smell like detergent like so many other gel cleansers. It doesn’t foam or aggressively lather so my face isn’t stripped of hydration. It’s a whacking great tube for £11. Like all Inkey List products, this punches so far above the perceived weight of an affordable brand. I say perceived because to be honest, £ or £££ is irrelevant. Worth is concept and price does not equal worth.

The Bad: I have nothing. Seriously.

The Ugly Truth: Would I purchase? Absolutely!