[REVIEW] The Inkey List PCA Bond Repair Hair Treatment

Damaged hair? Not here! The Inkey List sent me their PCA Bond Repair Hair Treatment a little while ago. Did you know The Inkey List has hair care? I didn’t until a few months ago. This is the newest addition to their line.

This post-wash treatment spray claims to help strengthen hair by repairing bonds damaged by dye, bleach, and heat. It contains a unique blend of bond compounds and supporting actives to add shine, prevent split ends, soften, and protect from UV rays, free radicals, and heat. The packaging is also 100% recyclable!

My Experience
I wouldn’t describe myself as someone with damaged hair; however, I like using things like this as part of a healthy hair routine. I spray about 7-10 spritzes on damp hair and am good to go. I can say that my hair looks and feels healthy. I also use this cotton t-shirt that Inkey included in the package to “plop” my curls, since microfiber can sometimes draw out too much moisture too quickly.

Bond repair treatments are often a little pricey, so it’s awesome that Inkey keeps their hair care prices just as affordable as their skincare at $12.99USD. I’m eyeing their salicylic acid scalp treatment next!