[REVIEW] The Inkey List SPF 30 Daily Sunscreen

NAME: The Inkey List SPF 30 Daily Sunscreen
PRICE: £14.99

MY REVIEW: My obsession with trying to minimise pigmentation has led to the hunt for a mineral sunscreen. These SPFs tend to be superior at protecting those with melasma or sensitive skin conditions than their chemical counterparts.

I usually associate mineral SPF with thick greasy white formulations that cause breakouts, but in a desperate bid to give my face an anti hyperpigmentation boost I gave this a go.

I was so sure that the coconut alkanes & shea butter would cause me to break out that for the first 4 weeks I limited it’s use to my temples & cheekbones where the majority of my freckles & pigmentation occurs.

It’s now been a further 4 weeks of generously slathering this all over my face & I’m really pleased to have been proven wrong.

The formulation is smooth & creamy. The tint melts into my skin without leaving a white cast, it can get caught in my eyebrows so I have to be careful to avoid them. I can imagine it would pill with some products but I’ve managed to avoid it so far. It gives my skin a nice matte but radiant finish & is the closest thing to a natural base I’ve used.

The only downside is that it’s not an SPF 50 & I’m not willing to use anything less – for this reason I can only use it on top of my anthelios XL SPF 50. I wish it was an SPF 50 so I could wear it alone…hint hint The Inkey List

Zinc oxide 22%

DIRECTIONS: use as last step of skincare but before makeup.

PROS: uses all mineral filters, nice formulation, no white cast on my NC 40 skin tone, no breakouts, leaves skin looking radiant, affordable.

CONS: not an SPF 50, more tint options would be good – I’m not sure if it’d work well on really fair or really dark skin.

Rating: 4/5