[REVIEW] The Mango Girl Mango Butter

Today I’m talking about the gorgeous Mango Butter from the lovely The Mango Girl which is a head to toe butter! A huge thank you to The Mango Girl for kindly gifting me this to try; I’ve really enjoyed it!

As I mentioned this is a butter that can head to toe, and so I’ve tried in the different ways they mentioned!

1. Hair Mask – this was super nourishing for my hair, it left it feel really soft and shiny! It was slightly harder than other hair masks to wash out with being thicker, but the feeling of my hair after was lovely.
2. Lip Moisturiser – now it’s starting to get a bit cooler my lips can get dry and chapped, using this butter has kept them really soft and stopped them from splitting too.
3. Body Moisturiser – this is on the thicker side so it does take a little longer to sink in, but when you get a glow like this, do I really mind? No of course not! It’s just more type to chill on my own and relax after a bath or shower while it soaks in.
4. Dry Skin Healer – this has been a lifesaver for my heels and elbows lately. The butter is super moisturising and hydrating and has really helped to keep the skin soft and smooth! I always struggle with my elbows a lot (I think I must lean on them at work all day) so this has really helped to make a difference!

I’ve really enjoyed using this product, thank you The Mango Girl for giving me the opportunity to try it out!

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