[REVIEW] The Pastels Shop AA2G Hyperpigmentation Treatment Serum

I am glad The Pastels Shop has come out with AA2G a powerful Hyperpigmentation Treatment Serum. The ingredients is rather simple and has the star ingredient L-Ascorbic Acid 2-Glucoside in a very stable form. Some Aloe Juice to sooth the skin and humectant Glycerin some skin conditioning agent to assist the skin taking all the benefits from the Vit C. Tho the serum is meant to treat hyperpigmentation issue, it does not mean you can’t use for your daily dose of AoX needs. It’s perfect for that too.

Im actually quite surprised by looking at the ingredients list and what it did just something I find brilliant! I guess they must have source a very high quality Vit C that actually performs and show results. Some Vit C serum has additional supporting ingredients but yet the results is not as good as this. Mind blown. Tho this serum was given for review purpose, i made my own purchase just two days ago on their buy 1 free 1 sale. This prove that I don’t just talk shit for products sent for reviews. If they are good, i will praise and purchase my own subsequently.

My Experience:
The serum has a very gel slightly vicious yet runny texture that absorb instantly into the skin leaving no tackiness whatsoever. Layers well with other serums and can be easily played with other active serums. Slide the pictures to see my current skin. The pictures are taken just after cleansing without any skincare on me. Some redness and irritation due to shaving from the day before is usual for me. Im sorry as i did not capture the before pictures but i did mark where my pigment were much severe before using it. Those area are now far less clear and the pigment as lesser after using it daily for 3 weeks. You only will be able to see results more or less after 2 weeks of usage. Skin complexion is more brighter and lively (no dullness). Im impress with the results as AA2G able to tackle deep pigmentations issue within a period of time. So far, I didn’t experience any breakout or developed any new acne while using it hence i am not able to say how it will help for new scars but looking at the progress i guess new scars shall be taking much lesser time to be clear.

The serum is reasonably priced and i usually only need one full pump. Watch the brand page as they often have sale so it will be a good time to restock or try if you haven’t. I am hooked with it and my sincere gratitude to TPS for sending me the serum to try. Even if they didn’t i would have purchased my own because the reviews from all over are pretty impressive. Great job and i am glad this is another locally made. Having said all that, i would say please give it a try if you want to treat some pigments issue and have a gentle yet effective Vit C in your routine.