REVIEW The Pure Lotus Jeju Botanical Sun Cream SPF 50

The Pure Lotus Jeju Botanical Sun Cream SPF 50+ Pa++++ is a multifunctional chemical sun protection cream that not only protects skin for UVA & UVB rays, but additional serves as anti-aging & skin brightening skincare.

What I Like About It?
This suncream’s formula lays down a protective barrier for skin, not just for sun protection, but also to shield skin from other environmental stressors including fine dust/other air pollutants.⁣ It contains several Vegan & natural ingredients derived from Jeju Island, Korea. Such as Lotus Leaf, Aloe Vera Leaf, Green Tea, Rice, Tangerine Peel, Rosemary, Lotus Root, & Cactus Fruit.

My Experience:
This sun cream doesn’t cause a white cast when applied correctly, and applies like a semi-thick moisturising cream. In my initial review, I mentioned how this suncream provides a finish that’s somewhere and evenly between dewy and semi-matte, and I still stand by that. Although I noticed that if you apply it using the “three finger method” then it can make combination-oily skin types look too shiny and feel heavy. My face is small so I stick to applying just two fingers worth of sunscreen to sufficiently cover my entire face and neck. By not applying too much my skin feels more comfortable and not too greasy with this product. In my opinion this sunscreen is best for dry-normal skin, but oiler skin types could still benefit from its skin-nourishing ingredients in Autumn & Winter.

It has a fresh herbal scent with Camellia & rosemary supplying most of the natural fragrance.