[REVIEW] The Skin House Dr. Clear Magic Powder Spot

As someone who still struggling with acne, it’s a must to have spot treatment product in my stash. I’m so happy because last month I got a gifted product with a travel size spot treatment inside it.

Yup, it’s The Skin House Dr. Clear Magic Powder Spot. It’s one of their newest product from Dr Clear Magic line. But mine is in travel size, the actual size is in 30 ml bottle.

Dr. Clear Magic Powder Spot is a soft type yellow powder spot for managing breakouts, clear acne from deep within the pores, remove impurities and mattify skin.

It’s like a powder spot treatment in general consist of two parts, liquid and powder in the bottom of the bottle.

Key ingredients: Tea Tree – Mallow Flower Extract – Hyssopus Officinalis Extract – Thyme Extract – Loess Extract.

What makes it different from another product that I’ve tried before is this powder is in thin consistency. It’s too sleek so its mixed with the liquid easily, make it a little difficult to apply on targeted area. I had to dip the cotton bud into the bottom of the bottle over and over again.

When touched the skin, it gives a slight chill and stings for few seconds and then disappear.

How the performance? It dried my acne faster without provoke dry patches around those area. Right after using this. I can see my bumps getting smaller, even some of them disappeared.

BUT for those smaller bumps, if I’m not reapply the powder spot, it will get inflamed again in few hours. [I wake up happily because my bumps getting smaller but in the mid day I caught ‘em inflamed again LOL].

This may occur due to various factors but after all I will still using this product till empty [on my way it remains 20% now].

Oh another thing! Just like another powder spot treatment, it’s hard to cleanse so I need help from cotton pads and micellar water to get rid of the powder on my face.

Rate: 3.5/5

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