[REVIEW] the SKIN HOUSE Vital pH Balance Gel Cleanser

Personal thoughts about the SKIN HOUSE Vital pH Balance Gel Cleanser.

1. Packaging
This one comes in a tall, white and orange tube wrapped in plastic.

2. Texture and Scent
It’s a thick gel cleanser that doesn’t really foam or lather when mixed with water because it is sulfate-free.

It has a very mild fruity scent although it is touted as fragrance-free. It must be from the plant extracts.

3. Experience
This one is a really good cleanser that won’t strip your skin of its natural oils. I have been using this in the morning and in the evening and it doesn’t leave my face feeling tight at all! I love that it contains so many fruit extracts like mandarin fruit extract and lemon fruit extract which can help brighten skin along with my fave ingredient, niacinamide. It also feels mildly hydrating.

This is suitable for all skin types but is recommended for people with dry and sensitive skin. It worked just fine for my oily skin. I also love that it is a pH balancing cleanser so it’s good for prepping the face before applying other products.

Overall, a great, second step cleanser.