[REVIEW] This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray

This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray received as a sample in my Birch Box UK.

Quality: 3/5
This spray smells really lovely – I love the lavender scent and find it so soothing. I think this pairs really nicely with their Stress Check Breathe In rollerball, but the rollerball lasts much longer than the spray, so I reckon you’d need 2-3 bottles of the spray to last 1 rollerball. For me the scent doesn’t last long enough on the pillow, so I haven’t found it super effective. I’m also not sure whether I believe it’s actually the product working or whether it’s just psychological.

Retail price: £19.50 for 75ml in the Birchbox shop.
(If you’ve been a Birchbox member for 6 months you get a 15% discount.)

: 4/5
The pump isn’t recyclable, but the tube and box are.

I do like this spray and it has helped me a bit, but I do think it’s quite expensive for how effective it’s been. If it knocked me out for the night, I’d happily pay it (and more!), but sadly I still wake up every night. This Works are cruelty free and this product has won a Birchbox Beauty Award, so it must work better for others.

Do you experience trouble getting to sleep and/or staying asleep? If so, what helps you combat this?