REVIEW TIAM Pore Minimizing 21 Serum

The TIAM Pore Minimizing 21 Serum can be best described as pore-caring serum that regulates excessive sebum production whilst reducing the size of enlarged pores. This targeted care serum contains 20% Niacinamide 10% + Zinc PCA to bring out pore-tightening benefits while brightening dull complexions. It is also enriched with Willow Bark extract as a natural BHA to gently chemically exfoliate away dead skin cells and impurities to reveal a smoother skin texture.⁣

Tests conducted by Tiam have proved that this serum takes full effect at around 21 days of use. Due to the high concentration of Niacinamide, you must do a 24hr patch test before using over the entire face.⁣ The Tiam Pore Minimising 21 Serum contains more niacinamide that the Tiam Vita B3 Source Serum (10% Niacinamide, 2% Arbutin).

This serum quickly showed signs of improvement in regulating sebum production, and therefore gives the impression of smaller pores as a result of secreting less sebum which otherwise would make pores appear enlarged. From my point of view this should not be regarded as a blackhead or whitehead care product, although sebaceous filaments will appear less dark in colour due to the mild brightening benefits of Niacinamide. ⁣

Since using this serum my skin has been looking more radiant, and less oily by mid-afternoon. With this result I’d say this is a great product for dealing with dullness, oiliness, enlarged pores, and minor skin textural issues caused by dead skin cells which have accumulated.⁣

The clear, watery texture of this serum is significantly less sticking in comparison to other niacinamide serums I have tried, and absorbs rapidly. It has no significant scent to comment on. I didn’t experience any irritation whilst using this product, but I will suggest that you make sure to keep your skin well hydrated when using it, and wear sunscreen to lessen the chance of sensitising the skin barrier.