[REVIEW] TIAM Vita B3 Source

To make it up to you guys, I’m back with a review/skin care product recommendation of my favorite 2021 serum, TIAM Vita B3 Source! Many thanks to Tiam Global for sending me this!

It is a brightening serum that reduces dark spots and lightens skin with dual action from arbutin and niacinamide.

Notable Ingredients
10% niacinamide, 2% arbutin, Butylene Glycol, Allantoin

It comes in an eye-catching neon yellow box and an amber bottle (probably to preserve the arbutin content).

Fun fact: I accidentally dropped the bottle from 3 ft height one time and it didn’t break!

The texture is my fave about this product. It is so elegant and it’s unlike any niacinamide serum I’ve tried. It’s light and runny. Absorbs pretty quickly and it gives you that plumping effect without stickiness whatsoever!

$14.76 (40ml) at Yesstyle

This is my favorite serum of 2020.
Tiam says this has a double lightening effect from Arbutin, a cousin of hydroquinone which inhibits the production of melanin, and from niacinamide, which prevents the transfer of melanosomes. If you wanna know more about what niacinamide does for your skin.

Simply put, IT WORKS. This faded PIH I got from hormonal acne around my chin and jaw. And I noticed that my skin was more plump and healthy and moisturized whenever I used this. I still get a little oily but that is forgivable since I like dewy skin better now anyways. This one has no scent, no heaviness, no tackiness to it. Also, it doesn’t pill, people! Kudos to TIAM for this glorious formulation!

Final Thoughts
I will definitely repurchase this. Do I like this better than my good ol’ Deciem Niacinamide serum? We’ll see about that in another post in the future!