[REVIEW] VELY VELY Pink Peeling Pads

I’m back with another review on VELY VELY Pink Peeling Pads! Let’s find out more about this cute product:

What is it? These are pre-soaked peel pads that contain PHAs, also known as polyhydroxy acids, to gently exfoliate and reveal brighter and more radiant skin over time. Enriched with pink flower complex (Rosa Damascena Flower Warer, Rosa Hybrid Flower Extract, Hibiscus and Althaea Rosea Flower Extract) to sooth & nourish the most sensitive skin.

My Review: These are really great and gentle peel pads which are both exfoliating and soothing at the same time. The ingredient list is really impressive and the price point is amazing. Here comes the but, the scent isn’t too strong but it smells like and as you may probably know, I’m not a big fan of rose scent in skincare unless the rose is mixed with other florals or fruits. Without a doubt, I’ll definitely enjoy using this product but I’d only recommend it if you love a classic rose scent!

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