[REVIEW] VELY VELY Waterfall Sun Essence

Today I’m sharing a new favourite sunscreen of mine VELY VELY Waterfall Sun Essence! Let’s see why it’s so good:

What is it? It’s a chemical sunscreen that contains hydrating ingredients sunflower seed oil, salvia hispanics seed extract and chamaecyparis obtusa leaf extract to keep your skin hydrated. Has a solid 50+ spf protection! What not to love?

My Review: This is the most lightweight susncreen I’ve ever tried! It has no colour and the ingredients are non-comedogenic meaning they won’t casue acne. I’ve been using this every day for about a week and so far no breakouts or irritation!!! It’s very moisturizing and glowy so this might not be the best option for super oily skin but anyone with combo, normal to dry would love it! You can safely skip your am moisturizer with this sunscreen as it provides enough moisture for the rest of the day! There’s barely any scent and this would pair the best with satin/matte foundation. Overall, a definite repurchase for me as I love how it makes my skin fresh and healthy looking.

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