[REVIEW] Vichy Normaderm Phytosolution Anti-Acne Double-Action Moisturizer

The skincare itself has been good. Neither product has increased my sensitivity. Vichy Normaderm Phytosolution Anti-Acne Double-Action Moisturizer have not given me any breakouts and they haven’t made me feel like my skin is drying out. This moisturizer has a pleasant peppermint and mildly herbal scent that doesn’t linger. I’ve been using this every day since August 12, except for the week I quit skincare after my friend death. I was too depressed to wash my face or wear sunscreen. I’m doing better now, and finally beginning to adjust.

The daily moisturizer is oil-free and contains 2% salicylic acid so I’m genuinely impressed that I haven’t turned my face into a desert. I used it on only one side of my face (left) to check for reactions and changes. I used it as a spot treatment and serum rather than as a moisturizer because there is no way my dry skin could tolerate the lack of oil. It has a nice light creamy texture that absorbs quickly. I experienced no tingling nor redness on application. It feels quite gentle, actually.⁣

One of the ingredients featured in this product is “Bifidus Probiotic” shown as “bifida ferment lysate” in the ingredients list. I feel like all fans of Korean and Japanese skincare are very familiar with ferments at this point in time. It’s nice to see them show up in French pharmacy skincare too but this isn’t revolutionary.⁣

I normally like to give complete ingredient lists but because these contain a regulated medicinal active ingredient (salicylic acid) the ingredients are listed out of order. There are screenshots from the website in the image carousel instead.

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