[REVIEW] Votary Super Seed Facial Oil

Have you ever felt nourished just looking at a product? I had been lusting after the beautiful Super Seed Facial Oil from Votary London for about a year when it appeared in my Cult Beauty advent calendar. To say I was overjoyed would be an understatement.

This beauty uses 21 different seed oils, including hemp, pumpkin, and meadowfoam to hydrate, support skin elasticity and balance oil production. Headlines: Super duper nourishing, locks in moisture and lasts forever. Looks kick ass too.

The Good: The smallest amount covers face and neck with ease. Like 2/3 drops. So this one lasts and lasts! Although it’s dear, that £70 accounts for primo ingredients and a long life. Also, this just makes my skin…well…juicy. There’s no other word for it. Pop this one on at night and wake up to plumped and hydrated skin. Lastly, it looks beautiful.

The Bad: It’s not fragrance free. It’s not unpleasant but there is a earthy fragrance, very similar to Juno by Sunday Riley. I also didn’t find it sunk in quickly, so, while perfect for overnight, it’s not for the day and certainly wouldn’t sit well under make-up.

The Ugly Truth: Would I repurchase? Eventually, yes, but this’ll last me such a long time, that’ll be in the distant future. It’s certainly make me want to try more from the range.