[REVIEW] VT Cosmetics Phyto Serum

I’ve been using VT Cosmetics Phyto Serum 1.18 fl.oz / 35 ml for three weeks and I’m ready to share my experience with everyone. The texture is the first thing that made me feel very excited about. It has watery texture that absorb quickly into the skin. I have oily and dehydrated skin and this type of texture is perfect to supply deep hydration without feeling intense moisture. It doesn’t feel heavy, tacky or greasy.

I always use this serum to prep my skin before make up so my skin looks nice under foundation. I truly love the smoothing effect. On daily routine, I use it after toner. This serum is formulated with safe ingredients and safe to use on sensitive skin. It uses natural fragrance instead of artificial fragrance for delicate skin. It also provides relief and gives a very mild refreshing scent.

To conclude, this serum goes into one of my 2020 Top Favourite. If you’re looking for a good hydrating serum, I highly recommend you to this product. It’s perfect for those who are looking for fresh and watery type of serum.

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