[REVIEW] VT Cosmetics Probiotic Moisturizing Mask

VT Cosmetics Probiotic Moisturizing Mask formulated with probiotic complex. It has 5 kinds of Lactic Acid bacteria to calm, moist and strengthen the skin. Probiotic is known to target acne-prone, dehydrated, sensitive skin so it will reach healthy microbiome for a healthier skin condition.

It comes in a clear essence, thicker than CICA mask. The scent smells milky and I like it. The essence is not overly-drenched which is good. After taking-off, my skin looks moist and smooth because of the smoothing essence. It takes a few minutes to fully absorbed.

The sheet mask material is thin and made up of Tencel cuprafabric mask. It feels nice on the skin. The adherence and fitting are good. I could feel major difference on my skin the next day. It looks healthy and well moisturized. I also noticed my acne shrunken the next morning.

Overall, this sheet mask is worth repurchase. I started to think probiotic is one of the skincare ingredients I have yet to explore.

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