[REVIEW] Wake Skincare Eye Gel

Happy Sunday! If you’ve been looking for an eye product I’ve got a good one for you, Wake Skincare Eye Gel. Wake Skincare is a UK brand that recently expanded to the USA. You can find their products on Amazon or directly on their website. (linked in their bio) For every Wake Skincare product sold, a donation is made to help victims of domestic violence. This product is 100% natural, has never been tested on animals and is suitable for all skin types. They also protect the environment by using glass bottles to reduce plastic waste.

Claims of this eye gel:
– Targets puffy eyes
– Removes dark circles
– Anti-ageing Collagen Ingredients
– Improved Elasticity
– Improved Hydration
– Lines and Wrinkles Reduced

This eye gel has worked so well for me. A little goes a long way. It’s not fast absorbing, so I have to pat it on delicately around the eyes until it dries down. It leaves a bit of a tacky finish but once I apply my moisturizer that goes away. Tackiness isn’t an issue for me since I feel that allows to grip the products I put on top. I use this both morning and night and my undereyes have looked alot less dull and more plump. It also gives a slight depuffing feel and it goes well under my concealer and foundation. I really love the pump packaging because you can control how much product you want to use. A little really does go a long way so careful not to press too hard on the pump to avoid wasting product. This has no scent either and feels gentle on the skin which is perfect for people with sensitivity. There’s alot of product so this will last a long time. I love it!

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