[REVIEW] Wawawax Hair Removal Cold Wax

I’m so excited today to introduce Wawawax Hair Removal Cold Wax to my first local love project with The Pastels Shop. So, today I would like to share with you how I take care or extract my body hair and what product I’m using. I believe everyone has different methods. But, I prefer waxing. It’s been two years since I change from shaving to waxing.

How I suddenly thinking to wax my body hair? That’s because back in the days, I watched Mat Salleh went for Brazilian waxing and I was amazed by how smooth and clean the after-waxing skin. But, I’m so shy to spread my legs and arms to get it done at the spa. So, I started making DIY wax but yeah experiment always failed. It was so hard to get a perfect consistency.

Then, I came across this cold wax product online. Ever since I tried Wawawax Cold Wax, I just love it. The consistency is perfect. It’s powerful enough to remove the hair but I have to make sure the length at least 1/4 inch long so the wax can pull the hair stronger. I usually wax my armpits, legs, facial hair, and Miss V. I’m hairy lol.

The benefits I experienced from Wawawax Cold Wax is it removes hair from the roots. The hair grows softer and slower hair growth. It also reduces skin darkening. Yup no more dark armpits. I know some women lost confidence because of skin darkening. With Wawawax you get the confidence back. Lastly, the skin feels extra clean, soft, and smooth after waxing.

The best is this doesn’t need heat. I can straightly squeeze the tube, and start waxing. For every purchase, you’ll get a wooden stick and reusable cloth strip. The PAO for this product is 12 Months. Oh before I forgot, it is all-natural. Made from Sugar, Honey, Lemon, and Water only. Less damaged to the skin. Overall, a good local product for everyone. My whole family loves it now.

Is it painful? Not really if you know the technique.

Repurchase:  Yes
Recommended to: All.

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