[REVIEW] XYCOS Cica Green Serum

A month ago Xycos sent me their product for review purpose. Xycos is a Korean beauty brand that believes in integrity to provides clean cosmetics that harm neither you nor the enviornment. Xycos products are clean, cruelty free and certified by EVE VEGAN (Expertise Végane Europe).

My first product from them is Xycos Cica Green Serum. A concentrated serum formulated with ingredients such as Centella Asiatica, Spirulina and Avocado help smoothen and firm up the skin. It also claimed to work as sebum control and soothing.

It’s packed in a transparent dark brown bottle with pump applicator. I like the pump because I can control how much product I wanna use but usually 1 pump is enough for me, or I can pump it again in a half if that necessary.

For a serum, the texture is light and quite runny. It has cloudy colored and I can smell centella immediately after taking this product out. when sniffed, i can smell a relaxing herb scent and slightly avocado scent too.

This serum can be spread easily. It takes about 30 second until 1 minute to fully absorb to skin. But I don’t have to wait for that long because I’m gonna layer it with vitamin c serum [in am]. It’s a perfect moisture sandwich because this serum feels so hydrating. it has many moisture agent such as glycerin, sodium hyaluronate, ceramide and squalane.

I put high expectation for it works as soothing agent and yes it works but it takes times of course. It also depends on how severe the skin condition is. In my case, this serum works to soothe and heal my acne on nose area in 4 days but in those days. It doesn’t do much on my cheeks area. It actually be more calm but I think it could be better.

But now I already using it more than two weeks. It also works to soothe my chin area but still doesn’t do much to my cheek. In conclusion, this serum isn’t that powerful to treat problems in my cheek area which is more difficult to treat.

But overall I still love this serum because it’s light and hydrate my skin well without any tacky feelings.

PAO: 12M.
Rate: 4/5.

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