[REVIEW] Youth to the People Superberry Dream Eye Cream

Youth to the People sent over their Superberry Dream Eye Cream and it is quite literally that… the eye cream that I have been dreaming about! This lil eye cream really packs a punch! It is a fragrance-free overnight eye cream that helps to visibly smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, firm the look of skin, and actively hydrate while you get your beauty sleep.

My Experience
I have been using this eye cream pretty consistently over the last few weeks and I have got to say that I have definitely seen a difference in the overall hydration and smoothness of my under eyes. I am always struggling with trying to keep my skin as hydrated as possible and this eye cream has really helped change that for me. I will not only use this eye cream at night but also have found myself reaching for it during the daytime as well. I just love how well it hydrated and smooths out the fine lines and wrinkles that I usually have due to my dryness. I would definitely recommend this eye cream, if you are like me and struggle with dryness around your under eye area.

I know that finding the right eye cream for you can at times be difficult and very frustrating. (my eye cream graveyard is getting overcrowded) But once you find one you love, its game over… With that said, have you found that one eye cream that you love and cannot live without? Tell me about it!