[REVIEW] Yves Rocher Bath and Shower Gel The Dore Golden Tea

Product: Yves Rocher Golden Tea Bath and Shower Gel.
Received as a gift.

Quality: 5/5
This shower gel smells amazing, lathers really well and easily, and didn’t irritate my skin which is rare!

Retail price: This gel was part of their Christmas Collection and so isn’t available anymore. However, they have lots of other lovely scents available to try. If you buy their shower gels in France they work out at about £4.50 for 400ml. In the UK you can get a bottle for around £9 on Ebay UK.

Recyclability: 5/5

Overall: The shower gel is good quality and didn’t cause any irritation. I think £4.50 is a fair price for what you get. Sadly, however, Yves Rocher aren’t cruelty free so I personally wouldn’t buy this product.