[REVIEW] Yves Rocher Sensitive Camomille Cleansing Oil

Currently using Yves Rocher Sensitive Camomille Cleansing Oil for sensitive skin and I’m in love! The cleansing oil packed in 150 ml plastic bottle with a nice applicator. It’s slim and handy.

The texture is light but feels really good for skin’s massage. Glides smoothly to removes sunscreen and make up. It has a nice scent, an oil with a lil sweet scent. Kinda relaxing. It doesn’t sting my eyes!

This cleansing oil can be emulsified easily, or i could say, effortlessly? Sometimes i need to double check, do i really cleanse it well? Does it emulsified? Becauss i don’t feel something like too slippery, it doesn’t dry my skin either. It leaves my skin clean and smooth.

Works good in my combination acne prone skin. It such a good deal to have this cleansing oil if you did the “double cleansing” method regularly. It’s such a big size with only 6M PAO. Sometimes i also using this to massage my body, hoping it runs out fast.