The Skin House Marine Active Serum Review

Skin House Marine Active Serum has packaging cobalt blue top that fades to deep sky blue bottom in a pump glass bottle. The pump has a matte, translucent white cap.

Light and refreshing.

Slightly concentrated and thick consistency in light grey colour. Tiny bubbles would l come out too when pumped.

My Opinion
I like the packaging a lot albeit I have to be careful not to drop it. I think the pump cap is helpful too.

I also like the fact that this serum contains hyaluronic acid, my favourite ingredient. However, this serum has created a love-hate relationship with my skin. When I use it in my am routine , it tends to cause red spots to pop up on my skin and sometimes, they are itchy. The irritation doesn’t happen in my pm routine tho.

As the claims say, this serum leaves a protective film in my skin, and makes my skin look brighter and healthier. I don’t really like the film feeling on my skin because it makes me feel and look like an oil slick. Because of this feeling too, I feel that the serum doesn’t absorb quickly into my skin. It could be hydration and moisture in disguise, but I’m not 100% sure.

Thus, it is safe to say that it recharges dry skin. My skin type is not dry, so whatever I’m experiencing may not be the desired or expected outcome.

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